Archigas launches innovative hydrogen measurement technology

Frankfurt-based Archigas has launched its innovative hydrogen sensors. The company’s gas measurement equipment is designed and produced for applications such as hydrogen production via electrolysis, input quality control and the testing of gas purity, and the control and monitoring of gas mixtures.

This new technical implementation of the measurement process demonstrates properties consistently orientated towards the specific requirements of the hydrogen industry, with its high standards regarding the analysis of hydrogen concentration and purity. According to the company, its sensors are characterised by high stability and sensitivity, as well as characteristics that enable economical production and delivery in large quantities.

“Our analysers’ mode of operation and design features really are unique,” say physicists and Archigas founders Wladimir Barskyi and Illya Kaufman. “We are absolutely delighted to be able to make a further contribution to the development and expansion of the hydrogen industry. In the fields of measurement technology and safety measurement, they can be installed in countless places; their applications are manifold.”

Easy handling of the devices also enables quick integration of the TCD OEM modules into customer equipment such as gas chromatographs, synthesis gas plants and many others.

Close research work with the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and funding from the state of Hesse both represent an important basis for the development of the products. The responsible bodies became aware of the company founders’ innovation potential at an early stage, as well as of the possible importance of their solutions for the production and use of hydrogen.

Dr. Birgit Scheppat, professor of hydrogen and fuel cell technology at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, said: “The importance of being able to make hydrogen usable on a large scale is increasingly being recognised. Appropriate product developments that foster this objective are therefore highly welcome. Among other things, sensors that are more stable and more economical, and which can be reliably produced in large quantities, are urgently required. When former students of ours with the necessary knowhow are able to find intelligent solutions and pursue an entrepreneurial path, this is extremely gratifying.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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