GenCell advances innovative green ammonia synthesis process

GenCell has reported significant progress in the development of its innovative green ammonia synthesis process, which synthesizes ammonia directly from water and operates at substantially lower temperatures and pressures compared to conventional green ammonia production methods.

In its laboratory, GenCell has achieved experimental results demonstrating a Faradaic efficiency of 50% in its green ammonia production process, significantly exceeding the 25% efficiency typically seen in traditional methods. This advancement is attributed to the development of new methods and techniques that address key challenges in the nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) process. GenCell’s innovative approach may potentially reduce the cost of green ammonia production below that of the methods currently in widespread use.

As a part of its long-term strategic plan to achieve a significant competitive edge, especially in green ammonia production, and to protect its intellectual property, GenCell plans to file a patent application for this invention. The company is currently evaluating the scientific and commercial implications of this development.

Rami Reshef, CEO and co-founder of GenCell, commented: “We understand this scientific breakthrough to signify strong business potential and to reinforce our strong interest in advancing this project and moving forward with our technology development towards the next milestone.  We are confident that the combination of this new technology together with our existing products will enable GenCell to offer the world a unique approach to the delivery of self-contained, green, grid-independent and resilient DER power solutions combining energy storage with on-site power generation to substantially change the face of our energy future – accelerating the transition to renewables while entirely eliminating the need for and expense of fuel transport.”

HTW Editorial Team

HTW Editorial Team

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